Terms and Conditions

SPT Terms of Use/Participation/Code of Conduct. Last updated: June 13, 2018 In consideration of being allowed to participate in any Big Tilt Sport Inc. or Slo-Pitch Tour event I agree that I have read the following and waive/grant any rights stated herein:Age Restrictions. Players must be at least 18 year of age to register for a Slo-Pitch Tour (SPT) tournament. Players between 16 and 18 must have a parents consent. • Big Tilt Sports Inc. Slo-Pitch Tour is owned and operated by Big Tilt Sports and the company name Big Tilt Sports may appear on your financial statements such as banking and credit card statements for your registration to a SPT Tournament. • Cancellation Policy. Players who register may only cancel until rosters are made for a tournament, which are done four to five (4 to 5) days prior to a tournament. After this time, no refunds will be returned to any player who cancels from a tournament. • Rain Out/Rain Check Policy. SPT Tournaments are played Rain or Shine. If for any reason a complete tournament is rained out, or not played because of other acts of nature, all players are given a Rain Check (Entry to a future tournament) and ARE NOT returned their entry fee. You understand there will be games from time to time not played because of the weather, something out of anyone’s control. SPT Tournaments are scheduled to maximise the number of games each team can play on the allotted fields. SPT will make every attempt to reschedule rained out games when at all possible. If a game cannot be rescheduled, the score of a rained out game is 7-7 in the statistics and both teams are awarded 2 points in the standings. • Projected Cash Prizes. You understand the Projected Cash Prizes SPT advertises for a tournament is solely based on the Registration Limit being reach for that tournament. For tournaments where more players register and the tournament grows in teams, more prizes may be awarded. However, if the tournament does not fill up, and less players register, the Projected Prize amount may be accordingly less. • Real Names Only. Players must use their real names to join any SPT Tournament and must produce valid identification if requested by SPT officials at a tournament. Obviously suspended players, minors or players not legitimately on a Team’s Roster cannot play in a SPT tournament, so have your valid identification with you or face potential disappointment. • What is Public Information - Full Names, Pictures, Certain Contact Information, City, Email. SPT has the right to use your full name, city and picture on our website and social media page for rosters, statistics, news, articles, stories and other features on the site, social media and printed materials. You understand your Coach will also be supplied with your full name, contact numbers and email address. From your Player Profile, you will also see your teammates full names, city and email address, so you can contact your teammates before and after the tournaments. They will also see your information. We do this for car-pooling and other reasons such as when you make a new friend or want to play in a future tournament together. Your full name will also appear on the games Scorecard. From time to time pictures of players and fans attending SPT Tournaments may have their pictures on our website and social media for news, articles, stories and other features on the site or other printed material such as a flyer or promotional material. Teams will often have team pictures posted on our site, social media, and newsletters and other printed marketing material. • Player Profile – What is Not Public Information? SPT does not put your mailing address, phone numbers, and email addresses on any public page in our website. This will be viewable if you log in to our website, so don’t forget to logout if you use a public computer or one others may view. • Varying Player Skill Levels/Best and Worst Teams. Players must understand that players of all skill levels play in SPT events and there may be players with more skill and players with less skill than you. SPT Tournaments are based around the social aspect of meeting new people and the competitive aspect of eventually having many teams of equal skill all playing in a tournament. You understand some teams will be better than others and you may be on the best team, or the worse team, during any given tournament. SPT does use as much information gathering techniques as possible to build all teams equal, but we do not have information on all players and the science is anything but perfect. • Physical Fitness/Athletic Ability to Play the Game, Medical Insurance Players understand that Slo-Pitch is a physical demanding sport and you acknowledge by joining a tournament you have the ability to participate in a game that involves running, possible sliding or diving, and playing in different weather conditions, possibly including the sun, heat, wind, cold, damp and wet weather conditions. Players acknowledge that sometimes teams who advance in the tournaments play as many as ten or more games in a weekend and often play games back to back to back and so forth. You also understand Big Tilt Sports Inc or Slo-Pitch Tour does not provide any medical insurance and all participants must provide their own medical insurance if they are injured while participating in any of our events. • Suspended Players. Players who are currently suspended from participation in SPT events may not register to play in a SPT tournament. • Equipment to Play. Players must bring their own gloves, attire, and bats. SPT may rent bats, but otherwise does not supply bats or gloves to players. • Bats. Only approved bats may be used. When in doubt ask the game Umpire. • Teams Jerseys. SPT, when possible, supplies all players on all teams a team jersey (like a colored t-shirt). This jersey is meant to be worn by all players during your games. This helps identify what team you play on, as well as helps teammates get to know you faster. SPT strives to ensure all jerseys fit, but you need to place your correct size in your player profile. As a general rule, it is better to be “a little too big, then a little too small”. SPT attempts to put player’s numbers (a single or double digit number) and nicknames (the name you would like your teammates to address you as) on the back of the jersey, but this is not always possible. If your nickname is deemed not suitable, SPT will replace that with your first name or nothing at all. • Player Code of Conduct. You understand SPT may have any player(s) removed from the grounds we rent based on your conduct. You may be kicked out of the tournament, and suspended from all future SPT events, without refund, for violating our Player Code of Conduct which involves all the Terms of Use/Participation/Code of Conduct listed here and others such as but not limited to: Any form of abuse towards players, SPT officials, umpires, or spectators, including physical, verbal, or any other form deemed inappropriate; Any act of violence, and including any obscene, profane, vulgar gestures or other acts, whether directly or indirectly directed towards players, SPT officials, umpires, or spectators; throwing bats, balls, gloves or other equipment in inappropriate ways; Damaging any equipment or property; Being intoxicated; Cheating or attempting to cheat; Harassing, heckling, taunting acts towards players, SPT officials, umpires, or spectators; Making any threats; Refusing to leave the playing field when requested to do so, or entire complex when asked to do so by SPT officials or umpires. SPT will ask the local authorities for assistance with these matters when deemed necessary. • Alcohol. Some SPT Tournaments may have a beer gardens where alcohol may be purchased and consumed, while others may not. You agree to follow the laws of the Province, as well as any field restrictions, at a SPT Tournament in regards to alcohol. Alcohol if permitted, will have restricted and fenced areas, and only those areas will you be permitted to have alcohol. • Umpires Decisions. SPT will support our Umpires calls & decisions. Umpires do a tremendous job and although some calls are made incorrect in real time, you agree to respect the Umpires call. • SPT Conveners Powers. SPT Conveners (SPT officials) are those operating the tournament, and in real time must often make decisions not all players or teams may agree with. It is a difficult job sometimes, but players must respect the SPT Conveners decisions. The Conveners have the power to do practically anything, including cancelling, rescheduling, speeding up and shorting of games when forced to take these measures during a tournament. The SPT Conveners will enforce these Terms of Use/Participation/Code of Conduct. • Protested Games Procedure. SPT likely don’t have realistic time to replay any games in a moving, time sensitive tournament and although some umpire calls may impact the results of a game, SPT is under no obligation to replay any game. This is sometimes hard to accept as a player or Coach, but often is just the reality of the situation and anyone who has played ball understands sometimes calls and decisions just do not go your way. In the most extreme and rare cases SPT may accommodate teams that have valid protests that directly impacted a team in the most severe ways. • Team Coaches. The team coach may only play players on their teams rosters without approval first of the tournament conveners of SPT. Teams playing unregistered players, or players unauthorized by tournament conveners to participate in a game, risk defaulting that game, even if the game is over. A defaulted game is a 7-0 loss. Coaches caught cheating, or attempting to cheat, may face disciplinary action under the Terms of Use/Participation/Code of Conduct. We do allow replacement players when teams are short for any reason, so have a good rapport with your players and contact us in plenty of time to allow for replacement players when you know your team will be short handed in a game. • Roster Sizes, Replacement Players. Because SPT limits roster sizes to such numbers as 10, 11 or sometimes 12 players, it is possible some teams find themselves short players (under 10 players) for a game. Coaches, under these circumstances may contact SPT conveners for the tournament and request a replacement player for a game(s). SPT conveners have the power and right to allow the short-handed team to pick-up a SPT convener approved player to participate in the game as a replacement. SPT will firstly try and find a registered player to participate, and if possible, one who has a lower SPT batting average and skill level then the player they are replacing. If a registered player cannot be found, SPT may use players on a Waiting list or any other such replacement. • Scorecards/Batting Orders. Coaches have the authority to make their teams batting order. Clipboards and Score sheets may be obtained at the field you play on from the umpire and should be filled out and exchanged 15 minutes before your scheduled game starting time. Winning teams must turn into headquarters a filled in official score sheet while the losing team must give their score sheet to the game umpire. Please return clip boards and pens to the umpire for the next teams who play. Returning your score sheet as requested ensures the standings in a live tournament may be updated as soon as possible after the conclusion of the game. • Championship and Other Prizes. For security and safety reasons cash prizes are mailed to the winning team’s players, so players must ensure correct and proper mailing addresses are used in their Players Profile. • Release, Waiver, Assumption of Risk Agreement You agree that in consideration of your participation in any Slo-Pitch Tour (SPT) event you agree to indemnify, and hold blameless Big Tilt Sports Inc., our, executives, employees, volunteers, conveners, umpires, officials, as well as the operators and owners of any premises of the event, free from any liability.