Host a SPT Tournament

Host a Slo-Pitch Tour Tournament in Your City SPT is looking for: Conveners, Individuals, Ball Teams, Leagues, Associations and Municipalities. Slo-Pitch Tour (SPT) is looking for Conveners right across Canada experienced in running Slo-Pitch Tournaments who would be interested in Convening a SPT Tournament in your town or city. You, your league, your association, or your team, will work hand in hand with SPT to host a successful tournament in your area. If you are a municipality and have 3 or more grade “A” or “B” diamonds open any weekend (Saturday and Sunday), and are interested in having a SPT Tournament played in your city, please contact us as well. If your town or city has five to ten diamonds, we would love to bring a larger tour, including our Provincials of up to one thousand or more players to your area. If interested, please email us at SPT Will Help in the Following Ways:Fields. Help booking, securing and paying for renting fields in your area. • Insurance. Provide required insurance for the tournament. • Online Registration. Allow players to register online in our website. • Local & Provincial Advertising. Advertise and promote your event everywhere. • Jerseys. Provide team jersey’s for every player, in their requested size, with their nickname and number on the back. • Baseballs. Provide baseballs for the tournament. • Score Sheets & Equipment. Provide materials such as score sheets and other required equipment like bases, to help you host a successful tournament. • Prizes. Provide free prizes for the winning teams, including sending all winning players their cash prizes. • Umpires. Help secure and pay for Umpires for the tournament. • Rosters & Schedules. Create all the rosters and schedule for the entire tournament based on field availability. • Contacting Players. Contact all registered players and Coaches when they play. • Live Standings Online. Update the standings live online after each game, as well as Box Scores for your tournament as it unfolds. • Player Statistics. Allow players to create online profiles, rate their teammates and see their game by game and career statistics. • News. Online recaps of the event with pictures you provide. • Social Media. Promote and update social media sites about your tournament. • Newsletter. Allow players who registered for your SPT Tournament, and all our players, to learn about your next tournament and sign up in advance. • Phone Support. Provide online and phone support during the tournament for you and the players. • Provincial Qualifiers. The top four team’s players all qualify for the Provincial Championships. • Winners Weekend. Winning teams in your tournament will qualify to play together as a team in Winners Weekend. • Players Championship. All players who play on a winning team are granted a lifetime entry if they want to register any of the Player Championship Tournaments. • Pick Your Tour and Sport. Slo-Pitch Tour Conveners may host the SPT Singles Tour, SPT Father-Son Tour, or the SPT First Responders Tour. Big Tilt Sports also has opportunities in the Softball Tour, Soccer Tour and Hockey Tour. Your Responsibilities Will Include: • Working hand in hand with SPT to ensure a professional tournament. • Helping promote the SPT Tournament locally to players and teams in your area. • Working the tournament headquarters during the tournament and oversee all staff working the event. • Communicating game results to SPT staff so the online portion of the tournament may be updated immediately after games conclude. • Communicating recaps and pictures for our website and social media of the event. For more details, please contact SPT at