FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions What is the Age Limit? • Players must be at least 18 year of age to register for a Slo-Pitch Tour (SPT) tournament. Players between 16 and 18 must have a parents consent. How to Register & Create a Player Profile • To register for FREE, you will need an email and a password. You must then verify your email address so we know you are getting our emails. • You must create a player profile. When logged in it is under Accounts – Profile. This only needs to be done once. You are required to fill out all the asterisks* or it will not work, as we need this information. How Much Does it Cost to Play in a Tournament? • Registration is $40 per player. Click the "Sign up for this Tournament" link and you are registered. Pay later if you decide to attend. What do I Receive for my $40? • A personalized, matching team colored jersey (shirt). So all teams look the part. You select the size, as well as the name and number on the back. This is so your teammates get to know you quickly in game one. Your team logo goes on the front. • All players select the position they play. Each team is given a player at all positions when possible. • SPT makes all the rosters and contacts all players prior to the start of the tournament with all information such as roster and schedules. • All teams are guaranteed at least three games and advancing teams as many as ten in some tournaments. • The scores, schedules, standings, rosters, players statistics, box scores and more appears online each tournament. Players have a player profile that tracts all their career statistics. • Players may give their teammates an anonymous skill rating and other players will rate you, creating a scouting report. • All player statistics for each tournament and the tour as a whole appear online. • Games are 7 innings and have regular umpires. • Some tournaments have All-Star games. • Cash and prizes are awarded winning teams based on the number of registered players. • Winning team players qualify with Winners Weekend. • All players in 2018 are invited to the SPT Provincial Championships. • SPT Tournaments are extremely social events. Meet new friends and experience a different way to play the game each and every tournament. How to Join a Tournament for FREE or Pay • From the Homepage or the Tournament – Upcoming link find a tournament you would like to participate in. Just click the “Sign up to this Tournament” link and you are automatically registered. Once we receive your payment, the tournament will then appear when logged in under “My Tournaments – Registered” So just sign up and pay later. • Payment options include: a) Paying online with a credit card, b) PayPal, c) Email Money Transfer, d) Calling 705-492-9261 to pay with credit card (pay for just you, many people, and even an entire team), e) Sending a check or money order. Can I Play in Just One Tournament? Yes. How many different tournaments you play in is up to you. While some players will follow the tour from city to city, playing across the Province, others may decide to only play in their local event. Can My Entire Team Join? The SPT welcomes all players. Play a tournament or every weekend. If you no long play on a team, come on out. If you do play, bring yourself, or your entire team. Unlike a standard tournament, players in a SPT Tournament register as individuals, or with a friend. If you register as a couple, which may be done from your profile when logged in, using the “Play With” option, you will be on the same team during the tournament. So if your team wants to play, just pair up with a teammate, and the SPT makes all the rosters and schedules for the entire tournament. One person may pay for the entire team by calling, but each player must still create their own play profile. Your team will have one of their most social tournaments ever, as all players meet local players, and players from across the Province during our tournament. When you play, your teammates can come cheer you on, and when they play, you can go watch your teammate’s games. If you meet in a tournament game, the bragging rights will be on the line. So bring your team and experience a new kind of tournament, the SPT style. How Will I Know When I Play? The SPT stops registration about usually 4 to 5 days before a tournament. We do this so we can created the rosters, make the schedules, contact all players, and make all the team jersey’s (shirts for each player). Once the rosters and schedules are made, each player will receive an email. Players may then log into their accounts (My Tournaments – Current) and view their team’s name, rosters, contact information, coach’s information and team schedules, including times, fields, competition, and so on. How Do I Get My Team Jersey? With 88 players registered for a tournament, the SPT creates 8 teams who all compete in on category during the tournament. Each player is given a team jersey (shirt) with their team’s logo on the front. Players select their shirt size and the name and number on the back in their player profiles. Players may pick up their jersey prior to their first game at the tournament headquarters. For locations and times, please see the “Tournament Info” link found within each tournament. Coaches are given all team jerseys if they show up prior to you at the tournament headquarters. So communicate with your team coach if other arrangements are to be made. Tournament Scores, Schedules, Standings, Box Scores, Rosters, Tournament Info All information about a tournament may be found from the “Tournaments – Current” link in the main menu. The Scores, Schedules, Standings, Box Scores and Rosters will not appear until the rosters have been set for the tournament. As games are played, this information is updated live online for each tournament. How Do I Register With Another Person? In your "Profile" you will notice at the very bottom it says "Play With SPT#/Name". Just enter their SPT # or their name here and click "Save". You will be placed on the same team as that person during a tournament. There is also a "Don't Play With" feature if you do not want to be on another persons team, like an ex partner. If you decide you do not want to play with another person, they will never know. You just will not be on the same roster. Do Coaches Play? Yes, all coaches play. If interested in being your teams coach you can check “Interested in Coaching” in your player profile. When the rosters are made one coach is put on every team. What are the Coach’s Responsibilities? Very similar to being a regular team coach, the coach in an SPT tournament is in charge of their team. Coaching responsibilities include communication with SPT, our Conveners, the umpires, and your team’s players. Coaches will have their roster and players contact information (including phone numbers), just as players have their teammate’s information (emails) and Coach’s phone number. Coaches pick up their team's jerseys prior to the first game from the tournament headquarters, as well as a package, including score sheets and other information. Coaches are responsible for your teams batting orders and handing in the score sheets to the SPT headquarters, or the umpire after each game. SPT welcomes everyone who has the leadership skills, to be a coach. Great teams, have great leaders, and we thank those who decide to be a team coach. Only one coach will be chosen if a team has more than one coach in any given tournament. Have a Question? Please ask out Live Chat operator in the website if you have any questions. You may also email info@SloPitchTour.com or call or text 705-492-9261.