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Contact the Slo-Pitch Tour (SPT) Slo-Pitch Tour is owned and operated by Big Tilt Sports Inc. and either may be reached by phone/text, or email as follows: Phone/Text: 1-705-492-9261 Email: info@SloPitchTour.com Facebook/Slo-Pitch-Tour Twitter: @SloPitchTour Mail to: Slo-Pitch Tour P.O. Box 23053 Ferris North Bay, ON, P1A 2B0 Slo-Pitch Tour “Everyone Can Play, Anyone Can Win” About The Slo-Pitch Tour (SPT) All players sign up as individuals or with a friend. Slo-Pitch Tour makes all the rosters and schedules for the tournament. Players who join together are placed on the same team. Players receive a team jersey, in their chosen size, with their name and number on the back. All rosters, schedules, scores, standings, statistics, box scores, batting averages, and more appear online for each tournament. Prize payouts are based on the number of those who register for the event. Teams are always guaranteed a minimum of 3 games and advancing teams can play as many as 10 in some tournaments. The SPT is like taking all the players in town, and those visiting from out of town, and making teams by drawing out of a hat, mixing it up in the most social of sports tournaments. Everyone Can Play, Anyone Can Win. Join the SPT today, and follow us from city to city all summer long, making new friends every single weekend. How Slo-Pitch Tour Works 1) Join the SPT, for FREE, with an email and password. Then verify the email we send you. 2) Login in to your account. Under Accounts create a Profile. You only need to do this one time ever. Some things we need to capture include: Your Contact Information; Jersey Size, Nickname, Fielding Positions, Who you are playing with, if anyone. (All this is in your Profile) 3) Find a tournament you want to register for and click the “Sign up to this tournament” link and you are registered. Pay now or later. Payment options, include: a) Paying online with a credit card, b) PayPal, c) Email Money Transfer, d) Calling 705-492-9261 to pay with credit card (pay for just you, many people, or an entire team), e) Sending a check or money order. You are now registered for that tournament. (Note: Once we receive payment from any source listed, at that time you will notice the tournament shows in your "My Tournaments - Registered" when logged into your account) 4) About 4 to 5 days prior to the tournament, registration will close. SPT makes all the rosters (a computer program does this part). All players get an email. Players may login to their account and see their team’s rosters, team name, schedules, game times, fields, coach, and other information. 5) Players may pick up their teams jersey from the tournament headquarters prior to their first game. Coaches are given all team jerseys if they beat you there. See the Tournament Info link from inside the tournament page for headquarter hours (posted after rosters have been emailed) 6) Rosters, schedules, scores, standings, box scores, batting averages, and more appear online every tournament. 7) My Tournaments (seen when logged in) include your current, registered and past tournaments. Players may also view their game by game and career statistics from here as well. This information will grow as you play in more tournaments. Just like the pros. 8) Player statistics from all players who play in tournaments are found on the statistics page, adding a professional feel to the SPT. Every player's batting average for the entire tournament may be viewed online. This part of the site will not be live until after our first tournament. 9) Teams are always guaranteed a minimum 3 games, with some tournaments, advancing teams playing as many as 10 games. Cash and prizes are awarded to the top teams. Winning team’s players qualify for the Player Championships. Other teams (players) may qualify for the Provincials, Winners Weekend and more. 10) Registration is always limited. Average SPT Tournaments create 8 to 16 teams (in our first year) who all compete in one category for the tournament championship and cash and prizes posted when we make the rosters. All SPT players, umpires, officials and municipalities are insured for all SPT Tournaments and you may read that coverage from a link in the bottom menu. More Slo-Pitch Tour Features, Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and Information Joining a SPT Tournament – Bring Your Entire Team If you play Slo-Pitch and are like us, you want to play as frequently as possible. If we could enter a tournament every weekend, we surely would. However, often life gets busy and players don’t have time to commit to teams and full schedules. With SPT, no worries. Everyone can join our tournaments, even if you haven’t played in years. Other times, getting your entire team to commit to play in a tournament gets tough. There is often family commitments, work, vacations, travel, weddings, the cottage, and so much more. So now, if the entire team can’t play, just come with those who want to play on any given weekend. SPT makes travelling to tournaments easy. Ask around your team, or league, pile in the car and go. SPT welcomes your entire team to come to our tournaments. Between all the new friends you and your teammates meet, surely you will be in for one very sociable and memorable weekend. With SPT, you are always meeting new people, and potentially, making lifelong friends each tournament. Call or text 705-942-9261 for details on how to get your entire team in an SPT event. Become a Coach We are looking for those who want to be the leaders, the coaches. When you join a tournament, you can also decide if coaching is for you. All coaches also play in the tournament. Coaching responsibilities include communication with SPT, our Conveners, the umpires, and your team’s players. Coaches pick up their team's jerseys prior to the first game, as well as a package, including score sheets and other information. Coaches are responsible for your teams batting orders and handing in the score sheets to the SPT headquarters, or the umpire after each game. SPT welcomes everyone who has the leadership skills to lead your team during our tournaments. Only one coach will be chosen if a team has more than one coach in any given tournament. Scores, Schedules & Standings SPT has a dynamic website located at www.SloPitchTour.com. Each tournament will also play out online where the scores, schedules and standings for each tournament are updated right after each game. SPT also has box scores, player statistics, news and other articles related to each tournament. Our goal always has been to offer a professional experience for all Slo-Pitch players making our tour feel like you are playing in the pros. Player Profiles & Statistics Each player has their very own Player Profile. You decide some information you want to have on your profile while SPT does the rest. When logged in you can view your upcoming tournaments as well as see your team's schedule, scores, standings and box scores right from within your Player Profile. Each player has their game by game and career statistics, as well as a scouting report, in their Player Profiles. Each time you play in a SPT Tournament, you will be allowed to rate your teammates skill levels. Of course, they will also rate you. Players don’t see what specific rating each player gives them, just a summary of what your teammates thought of them, as a player. We might not all hit for power, have a high average, a great arm, or be the best in the field, but we certainly, all have the power to be a great sport and awesome teammate. Rules SPT Tournaments are not your standard tournaments. We do have a few special rules for our tournaments. For example, because we limit roster sizes it is possible that a team might be short due to work or injuries. Teams are allowed replacement players when short. A coach would contact SPT who will find a replacement player from another team playing in the tournament. To see these SPT Rules for our tournaments, see the SPT Rules link in the bottom menu. A link to the SPT Rules is always found on the bottom footer of our homepage. Key rules are also inside the score sheet the coach fills out with the batting lineup. Ask when in doubt. Tournament All-Star Games When time allows, SPT has some cool in-tournament features. One is our All-Star Game. You might be asked to play in this game, for a variety of different reasons, as we award players in many ways. You don’t have to be the best player. The All-Star Game features the All-Stars selected from out of town versus the local All-Stars, with bragging rights and prizes on the line. Be a great teammate and you will shine in our eyes. Tournament Prizes & Qualifiers Based on a full 352 registered players, the standard SPT Tournament creates cash and prizes of over $4000. Random prizes are often handed out for great or clutch plays, and always for good sportsmanship. Players playing on the top four teams in each tournament also qualify first for the Provincial Championships, although everyone is welcome in 2018. Every player who registers to play in any tournament (not including the Provincials), will automatically be granted first chance to register in the same tournament the following year (when possible). Tour Dates SPT Tournament dates are listed on our website. Although the 2018 season is our inaugural season, SPT is expanding across Canada and international in 2019, with plans to hold over ten tournaments every single weekend as we grow. We are currently searching for those skilled in holding tournaments, who would be interested in working with us, to host a SPT Tournament in your area. Players are encouraged to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. The SPT Newsletter (joined inside your Player Profile) comes monthly, so players can be notified first when a new tournament is posted. Provincial Championships, Winners Weekend, Players Championships All players who finish on a top four team in any tournament are granted first rights to play in our Provincial Championship Tournament in future years. Registration may be limited, so act quickly. In 2018 all players playing in any SPT Tournament are welcome to register and play in the SPT Provincials in Wasaga Beach. Winners Weekend allows any team that played in any of our tournaments to play again, one last time as a SPT team. So if your team won a tournament, maybe you want to come and play again as a team. Players winning more than once would have to select a team to play for and if any teams are short players, SPT will fill those teams’ rosters. Winners Weekend will also be filled first by teams wanting to play again, then by any player who played in any SPT Tournament all season. Entry will be limited, so register early. The Players Championships are for players who have played on any Championship team. Players winning a Championship are granted a lifetime "first right" to book their place for these very special tournaments made up of those who have previously won it all. More to come on the Players Championships. Specialized Tournaments & Tour SPT is also adding many specialized tours and tournaments to our official tour. Some of these include the SPT Singles Weekend, which caters to single people. The SPT Father-Son Tour allows Fathers and Sons to play together creating our own tournament of dreams. The SPT Family Tour allows for all different family member combinations such as Partners, Moms and Dads, Fathers, Mothers, Daughters, Sons, Sisters and Brothers, and any other combinations we missed, to play together during the tournament. SPT will continue to announce these Tours and Specialized Tournaments here in the website. Ultra-Competitive Tournaments The more SPT learns about the skill levels of all players, we will be able to make the most competitive tournaments. For example, if the same 352 players played in 10 straight tournaments, SPT can take the players batting averages, skill levels and scouting reports to attempt to make 32 ultra-competitive teams all battling for the tournaments Championship. With SPT, you just never know when you might find yourself on that team that wins it all. Host a Tournament in Your City SPT is looking for people with the skill set to host one of our tournaments in your city. Many of you have been doing it for years and we are searching for you to hold a SPT Tournament in your city. If you are an individual and would like to host in different cities every weekend, we want you as well. If you are a baseball team, league, or association, and think you have what it takes, reach out to us for how we can help and the many advantages of hosting a SPT Tournament. If you are a municipality and would like SPT to come to your town or city, please contact us. SPT has many advantages and can help you host one of our tournaments. Umpires SPT needs qualities umpires for our tournaments. We are looking for the best of the best to umpire in our tournaments. If you think this sounds like you, please contact us by email with your qualifications at info@SloPitchTour.com. All our umpires are insured for all SPT Tournaments. Method and Format of Playing a Sports Tournament Big Tilt Sports Inc. is the owner of all Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents, operating under the filed the patent pending entitled “Method and Format of Playing a Sports Tournament” filed in Canada and the United States. Big Tilt Sports is launching several more sports tours with the next wave, the Soccer Tour and Hockey Tours both set to debut in 2019.