How Slo-Pitch Tour (SPT) Tournaments Work

  • Register for any Upcoming Tournament(s). All Players Register as individuals or with a friend, with friends being placed on the same team together.
  • Choose your Playing Position and even decide if you want to be your teams Coach.
  • SPT creates all the team Rosters. Usually 32 or more teams for each tournament will all compete in the same category for the tournament Championship.
  • Roster sizes are limited to 11 players for Men’s and Women’s teams and 12 for Mixed (Coed).
  • SPT creates the Schedules and notifies all players via email when they play, as well as with their Coach’s contact information.
  • Tournament Schedules, Standings, Rosters, Box Scores, Player Statistics and more all appear online each tournament.
  • Each player is given a team coloured jersey, with their team name and logo on the front, in their selected size. Players choose their Nickname and number on the back.
  • All players have a Player Profile. On this page includes your Tournaments, Career Statistics, Game by Game Logs, as well as a Scouting Report that is created by players you play with each tournament.
  • Winning team’s players are awarded Cash and other Prizes, as well as qualifying for our Provincials and other tournaments.
  • Follow the SPT from city to city all summer long. Everyone Can Play, Anyone Can Win!